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Feb 16, 2001
Hemet, CA.
At least untill next week, wont be around here cause im flying out tomorrow AM for a week of riding at the Hatfield- McCoy riding area in West by God Virginney!:cool:
So Thumbs, OL89R, LT, Scar, KTMboy, Eel, please pray for me that I can make it through trhis week of trial and tribulations:p
I hate to leave you all here, with the prime riding conditions as they are.:p
But seriously, gonne meet up with some friends from Fla. and hopefully have the time of our lives. They say this place is unreal, hundreds of miles of trails and badass hill climbs. Although the hill climd thing is suspect, I took some of thim riding out here and they looked like Deers caught in head lights when they saw some of our hills.:p
Will be posting a ride report and hopefully some pictures.

later guys


Jan 27, 2000

We did a few of those hills yesterday.:scream: We were hoping you would make it. (Check out Holeshots ride report.) Yes, it was hot and dusty, but, still a whole lot of fun.

Have fun on your trip and we will be anxiously awaiting a ride report.


Aug 10, 2001

your going to have a great time. iv'e ridden there on 4 seperate occasions and loved it. The rockhouse trailhead is probably the best for good singletrack. make sure u ask someone whose working there if the trail maps have been updated lately. my last visit didnt have updated maps and thus caused alot of confusion. look forward to your trip report.


Tony 'da Rat
Oct 16, 2000

Sounds like you are going to have a great time. I'm sure that you will make it through the week just fine.

Are you meeting the same Florida guys that we rode with at Phalen? They were fast riders and good guys. And yes they were amazed at the huge hill climbs and ridge line trails.

Anyway...have a good one and we will be looking for the carnage...ooops, I mean ride report.


scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
So where was the open DRN invite!!!:think It sounds like a blast. How are you getting your bike out there? I hauled mine across to northern Michigan on top of a box trailer full of other goodies. Yeah it was a little ghetto, but I got to ride didn't I. Have fun. and remember, Most of us can take off work for these family emergencies.;)


Apr 1, 2001
Hey Bundy- I thought I remembered you saying your buds had a loaner bike back there for you. Whatcha gonna be riding? I hope it's some slow pig, so your friends can keep up!:p
BTW, I have a picture from Big Bear of the only time I saw your bike on the ground. I think it was when you were loading it. As soon as I figure out how to post it I'll let you see it.
Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to the ride report(s).:D


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Feb 16, 2001
Hemet, CA.
Sorry guys........

Didnt know anybody could go or I would surely have put out the invite.:(

Yeah Thumbs its the same guys plus a few more, I cant wait to torture them on the hills.:p

Ktm man er i mean boy, I have a 97 yz-250 that i leave in FL. so they are gonna bring it up for me. In fact its like having a full factory ride as they prep and clean it for me!:cool:

And sorry i missed the Corona ride, Ive been working like a mad man to finish my jobs so that i could take off to go on this trip.


ps- thanks mp for the tip!

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