Selling a truck tomorrow - need advise/tips!


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Apr 21, 2000
Hey guys - I'm a rookie at this so hopefully you guys can help. I put our truck on and got pounded with phone calls this weekend. The first guy is coming tomorrow night and it sounds like a done deal. He's driving 2.5 hrs to come see it.

I will have the title and he plans to have a certified cashiers check for the full amount made out to Red. He's not financing it - he's just paying outright. We're meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm after the banks are closed.

-Should I ask for the check # and bank phone number and call the bank today/tomorrow and verify that its legit?

-Should I ask for a copy of the guy's drivers license?

-What should I include on a Bill of Sale? Selling date/time, price, miles on truck, as is as shown, vin #? Our names and signatures of course. Anything else? Can I have 2 Bill of Sales that we both sign (a copy for us a copy for him) or do I need to have 1 and make a copy of it?

I did do a little internet research on the guy and he owns a Heating & Cooling company as well as a Horse Stable. Seems pretty legit to me - but ya never know.


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Oct 4, 1999
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As far as a bill of sale goes, when we've sold dirt bikes I've always made up 2 copies, one for us, one for them.

I included the date, with wording like... "... sold as is and as shown: one (1) 1995 Kawasaki KDX200 motorcycle.  Vin #...................   for the sum of $ xxxx. "

Then have space for all signatures and dates below that.  Including the mileage is probably a good idea as well.  (Not valuable when we sold our dirt bikes!) 

Sure can't hurt to get a copy of his driver's license (or at least the number off it) or compare the cashier's check against the bank it's drawn from.  


Nov 17, 2000
Hey Nikki,

I was always told not to put "As IS", this indicates you know something is wrong with the vehilce. "Sold with no warranty implied or intended".


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Nov 22, 2000
Definitely check out the guy's check and bank. Have your bank verify that the guy is legit before you release the truck or title.

You should also have a third party sign the paperwork as a witness. If the title is in Red's name only, your sig will work as a witness.


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Jun 9, 2000
Dittos on verifying the check. There are some pretty crafty check forgers out there, so I would not release the vehicle without 1st validating the check's authenticity.



Dec 31, 1969
and never... EVER meet with someone responding to an ad at your home. Meet in some public place.


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Dec 26, 1999
Our DOT has a special receipt that is in duplicate that has all the blanks marked for the info needed to retitle the vehicle.
Be sure to include "as is" or "no warranty inrended or implied" or else you could be on the line for a freak breakdown.
Also be sure to get his DL #, full name and birthday (all needed to track down later) and write down the plate # on the vehicle he comes in.
Be sure not to send him out on a test drive alone especially if his other driver stays in their car.


Nov 7, 2000
I say ditto on all the above. I would make double sure that the check is legit. Lots of scams with forged cashiers checks. I have the your bank verify the check before you release the truck for sure.


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Jan 1, 2001
Have him give you a cash deposit if he wants to buy it and take the next afternoon off and deliver the truck, and cash the check at his bank. Trust no one. Its worth the extra trip.


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Dec 14, 2002
Bill of Sale

This is what I use:
Sold to _______________________ , the following vehicle as described:

Vehicle: MOTORCYCLE……..
Make: SUZUKI……………..
Model: DR650……………….
Year: 1992…………………
License #13Y0571…………….
VIN: JS1SP44A4N2101210
Engine # P407103518…………
Price $ …………………….

This vehicle is being sold as is, without any implied warranty, promise, or condition. The buyer has assumed all risks as to the condition and operability of this vehicle and does not hold seller liable for any reason. All fees tendered in this sale are made in good faith and will not be revoked, canceled, renegotiated, or requested for refund.

X________________________________ ______________

X________________________________ _______________
Buyer Date


Jun 2, 2002

You've got some great advice here...take it:
- Meet somewhere public...away from your home. If they buy the truck, they will get your address anyway but at least they don't have it otherwise.

- Two copies of the bill of sale (You will need a copy for you when you buy a new vehicle or you will have to pay taxes on the whole purchase price...keep a copy and you can pay taxes on the difference just like a tradein.

- Cover your bases in the bill of sale verbage. I have found some really good bill of sale examples on the web just by searching at google for "Bill of Sale Example" But always, be sure to make note of no warranty either stated or implied.

- Cash deposit and deliver the truck the next day...AT HIS BANK is the best place. Its unfortunate, but people really can get counterfeit cashiers checks or have a stop payment put on them. This is rare but it can happen. If you absolutely cannot do it at his bank...then at least verify funds on the check with the bank's manager.

- When you type the bill of sale, leave a spot to write in for the actual odometer reading and exact time of day when the transfer occurs. In some states, you could have liability if they get in a wreck or if they get some parking tickets or something. Along the same lines, cancel your insurance policy as close as you can to the actual sale time. Some insurance agents will do it for you but some will hold the policy in affect until midnight.

- Test drive: Only let the actual buyer drive the truck and not by themselves. Go with them. If there is a group of people, insist that you (And Red or a friend) go only with the buyer. Also, ask for proof of insurance before letting them drive or make sure your insurance covers any driver. Of course, make sure they are licensed too.

Your truck is high dollar...all these things will just give you some serious CYA. You can't be too cautious with an expensive vehicle.

Good Luck!
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Oct 19, 2000
Not sure if you can, but your new truck is just days away from delivery, right? Check with your Dealer to see if you can let him do the sale of your old truck to the Buyer, for the agreed on price.

You get 3 benefits, first is that you let the Dealer worry about the validity of the guys check, and second you get to use your old truck as a trade-in, at least on paper, thereby saving $$$$ on taxes. Third, you let the Dealer do all the paperwork, you just sign your old vehicle over to the Dealer.

Dealers will do this if pressed, normally for a $100.00 fee. They call it an in/out.

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Jun 22, 2000
Grady, that's some of the best advise I've heard.
Let the dealership take the liability, even if it costs you $100 for an inspection or whatever.


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Dec 24, 2001
Nikki, here is the last bill of sale I used, good luck, great advice above:

Bill of Sale

To All Parties Involved:
This is a legal contract for the purchase of a 1999 CHEVROLET SILVERARO Z71 passenger pick-up truck, serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I, ______________(buyer), on this date 08/30/2003 agree to pay _____________ (seller), a sum of $______________ for the total purchase price of the referenced vehicle. No further payments are due. No additional parts and/or accessories are due after sale. Both parties agree the condition of sale is “As Is” and the seller assumes no risk in the future condition, operation, or maintenance of the truck, or in the buyers current or future driving skills or lack there of. Seller has made no additional verbal conditions or guarantees of sale.

By signing below both parties acknowledge they have read and agree to this document and its contents.

Printed name____________(Buyer)______________________

Printed name____________ (Seller)_____________________

Witnessed before me this day, 08/30/2003

by: Witness printed name ____________________



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Apr 21, 2000
Thanks for the advice everyone!!! It was VERY helpful!

Yes, the guy who came Wednesday night purchased it - no problems. He gave me a check # before hand and I found the credit union online and verified everything with them. We will hand it over to Red's bank tomorrow morning when we go to set up everything for picking up the new ride TOMORROW! :)

At DW if you wanna razz Red - tell him you like his new PINK truck :confused: [we (read: I) ordered a new color in the big Ford trucks starting '04 - Medium Wedgewood Blue - and for the past month Red has been very worried that it was gonna show up and be baby blue or pink or something so all our friends have been teasing us as well... so it's now Red's pink truck]

I did, however, get an earful yesterday (a few times) from someone else that we were planning on meeting on Sunday to show the truck. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy. That wasn't too fun... he even went as far as saying if he was dealing with Red (the owner of the truck), he'd be calling his attorney. Long story but I think (hope) he's done bothering us. Good thing he lives 8 hours away.

I also learned that we priced the truck way too low on autotrader after getting an average of 3-4 calls a day (usually all from a different area code) and having people offer to bring cash within hours of calling me to beat the next guy to the truck. Oh well... we got more than we would on a trade and it's all over. Next time I'll do a little more research though.

But thanks again everyone for the info and tips!!!


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Dec 26, 1999
Originally posted by nikki
I did, however, get an earful yesterday (a few times) from someone else that we were planning on meeting on Sunday to show the truck. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy. That wasn't too fun... he even went as far as saying if he was dealing with Red (the owner of the truck), he'd be calling his attorney. Long story but I think (hope) he's done bothering us. Good thing he lives 8 hours away.
Sucks to be him :moon: but in buying a used car, bike, wife, etc- in great condition at a low price its 'snooze you loose. I've been beaten out on super deals many times because I hesitated. Maybe next time he'll act instead of react

BTW I hear Gomer has a sweet little pink tutu that he'd loan Red to wear when he picks up his Pink truck (and yes Pred I agree in advance if it is pink no way it is a truck) ;)

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Oct 13, 2002
Nikki, glad you sold the truck with only minor problems. I tried to convince the better half that the Combo was the sweetest deal around but - NO JOY. :|

Oh well, I'll just end up paying full price for both in the next couple of years. :(
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