Red Rider 53

Jan 16, 2003
I have been riding for about two years and am 5'6 and about 111 pounds. I am coming off a CR80 and I want something with more torque. I was thinking either a CRF150/230. I could either just buy a CRF230, or I could buy a CRF150 and with the money I saved I could use to hop it up. For example suspension, pipe, rev box, that sort of thing. Open to all ideas. ;)

Over and Out,
Red Rider


Jan 4, 2003
You sure you'd want to go from an 80cc mx bike to a family trail bike? I would be willing to bet that your 80 is almost as fast, or faster than a crf230. If you can afford it, I'd wait and get a crf250 which is a 125 class bike that has way more torque then any 2 stroke 125.
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