Oct 6, 2007
im interested in learning my suspension. i have a honda 250r, and im having trouble getting the bike set up to feel comfortable riding it. i know the difference in setting the rebound and compression, but im not sure what to look for when im riding to know which setting to adjust, so if anyone could explain the different things to look for while riding i would appriciate any help. i really love to ride, ive even raced mx a couple of times. i just feel like i could be better once my suspension gets the proper setting.thanks


Can't Wait For Tuesdays
Mar 17, 2002
Hi Bikerchick22! I have been watching this thread all weekend, assuming that one of our technical members would toss out some words of wisdom...we don't seem to be getting as much traffic in the women's forum as we used to. If I were in your Alpinestars, I would do a search on the word suspension, or just click on the word suspension in your post and follow that route. There is also a forum for just such matters.

Glad to have you on board, welcome to DRN! :)


Apr 28, 2007
Getmetoca it was a double post. The duplicate was answered in the other forum with the direct link to the current "how to diagnose your woes article".
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