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Mar 7, 2001
I am 5'6 and 145 lbs, Ride in east coast trails,a sandpit with rocky sand,and railroad tracks. I might do a little MX, Non competition though .Should I get a kdx if so a 220 0r a 200 ? Will the kdx scream like my friends yz 125. And finaly what would be some good mods to put on it?


Mar 18, 2001
I would think the YZ125 will beat the KDX in a drag race. The KDX will have more torque down low and be better for trails where the YZ will need to stay rev'ed to keep the power up. If your looking for a bike to have loads of fun on then the KDX is a good choice. I have ridden on a few tracks next to 125's and my 220 will run pretty close in a drag race. Just remember the KDX is not made for motocross.


May 6, 2001
For the type of riding you're talking about I'd go with the KDX 200. Personally I think its faster than the 220, and you'll roost your 125 friends- at least I know I do.:p

joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
the KDX rips, its the "clark kent " of dirt bikes, mild mannered in the tight twisty stuff, but get it in the wide open and it rips like a full mx'er with the right mods its way faster than a 125, plus alot more low end power, and in a drag ive finished just about 1or 2 bike lenths behind most 250's thus giving the bike its name the giant killer, everyone that climbs aboard my KDX 200 comes back with a big smile 125 guys cant beleive the bottom end power, and 250 guys are amazed at the top end for the bike only being a 200, both my brother and i have modified 200's and have only good things to say about the KDX, but then again, come to a KDX forum and ask how good it is, your gonna get this kinda response!, just ride one!!!
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