Skid plate for XR250R

Aug 12, 2001
Does anyone have a suggestion regarding what brand and type of skid plate to put on a 2001 Honda XR250R? Any experience with the plastic skid plates from ACERBIS or Maier? :silly:


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Jun 25, 1999
Dont laugh, but I made a skidplate for my girlfriends xr200 out of some sheet aluminum (from a street sign) and sme pvc mounting brackets from the local hardware store. It may sound cheesy, but it serves the same purpose as an aftermarket skidplate and cost me less than $5. I have heard from some sources that you shouldnt run skidplates on xrs due to the decreased airflow to the engine. I havent experienced any problems with overheating on the little xr, and we tend to ride fairly slow. My main concern was protecting the cases from rocks, etc. as we ride trais exclusively on the xr. This serves that purpose.


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Jun 12, 2000
I've compared various plates for XR4s and one consideration is whether the plate protects the oil filter housing, which is vulnerable on XR4s in rocky conditions. Alternatively, Devol make a small plate which can be added if the plate doesn't do it. This may not be relevant to XR250 if the housing doesn't stick out as much or if you rarely ride rocky stuff.
Nov 2, 2000
I have done it with and with out a skid plate. I settled on a Scotts brand. Check out Acerbis(Ididn't want plastic),Devol,Rocky Mountain,DSP,Maier/I would look for one that protects the oil pump housing. Also I made the oil drain hole a little larger for ease of changing. Also don't pay $ 12 for skid plate foam. Most hardware stores have the same thing for $ 1 or 2 dollars.:cool:

Jan 12, 2001

I have what your looking for. I have a brand new(still in the bag) White Bros skid plate. Its aluminum and protects both sides of the engine cases. Its in my garage collecting dust as the XR moved out about a year ago. Its yours for fifty bucks. I will take care of shipping. Let me know.



Jul 31, 2000
Sahara Rally Gear in California makes a sweet skid plate that has a tool compartment built in. It protects eveything, fits great, and holds your tools.
I have one on my xr4 and love it. I think the guy's name that makes them is Scott Annand