Vos Schola

Apr 16, 2000
Has anyone here had a problem with where the rear brake slides on the swingarm? The female part on the brake caliper seems to have been worn from the bouncing up and down and the pressure put on it from braking, so has the male part on the swingarm. Does anyone make a fix for this, something to make it more solid, right now there is at least 1/2" of play, and it makes for a sloppy feel when stopping. Plus I know that if I don't do something it will eventually wear through.
I can fabricate most anything so if you have an idea please share.


Mar 21, 2000
Good question .... Both my KDX and my RMX use this type of setup ... the KDX is still tight but, the RMX is starting to show a little slop. I'd also be very interested in a way to fix the slop ....... :think
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