Speedvision/dirtrider mag


I was watching Speedvision this morning before work (yeah I work weekends:( ) and on one of the motorcycle shows, not even sure which one, someone from Dirtrider magazine said they were going to do a 4-stroke MX comparison test between the YZ426, CR450F, and the KTMs (400/520) that will be in their January issue.

Does anyone have their e-mail or web-site addresses. I would like to ask them why the aren't also testing the Husqvarna 450 and the VOR 400/503s.


I have personal e-mails, but no "editor@" address for you to use.

You'll have to call or write to them.

Here's the info:

Editor Karel Kramer
Phone 323-782-2390
Fax 323-782-2372


6420 Wilshire Blvd
LA CA 90048-5515

There response will be "we ask for all the models in a given size/model class, some manufaucturers chose not to participate for one reason or another".

Blue Thunder

I was reading DR Oct 01' issue yesterday, it showed what next months issue would include, happens to be the shootout mentioned up top. Look for it sometime in early October.