Mar 24, 2001
Hi all,
I need your experience

I'm trying to learn enough to decide if my springs are to stiff. I have a new 00 wr400. Today I rode the desert mountains of SW Idaho where steep hills and continuous loose rocks abound. I tried several setting combinations, only to find everything is to stiff. The best options I found left me wanting a much softer ride. Every rock I hit (a continual event at Murphy Idaho) bounced my hands on the handlebars or unseated me. All this bouncing makes handling the rocks very difficult.
My current settings are:
sag = 4.0"
rear low compression 20 clicks from max
rear high compression 2 turns out from max
rear rebound factory standard
front rebound 20 click out from max
front compression 20 clicks out from max

Do I need softer springs??


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