SR owners: questions on inner exhaust pipe lining removal


Jul 29, 2000
South America
I'm planning on removing the inner pipe lining (perforated steel plate and fiberglass) but noticed that SR models have a part lined that regular KDX's don't which is the left side of the header. Anyone have experience at removing that in there? any tips? Looks like it would be harder to do than the fat part of the pipe. It was recommended to find someone with a mig or tig welder to weld the pipe back together and I'm having a hard time finding anyone with those types. Are there any other types of welders that can do the job? thanks for suggestions

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Think I’ve seen a SR pipe that someone had swapped from new. Was looking to scavenge the header to fix my std pipe, but when I saw it I gave up pretty quick smart. For a start it was a 2 man lift, weighed about the same as the rest of the bike!

Had lots of 1cm deep divots down the side of the header & I didn’t even want to open it to see inside. Is this the same?

I would have though mig would have made the welds prone to fracture. Gas will do just fine. But in this instance I’d look for another pipe.

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
I've seen that before. If memory serves me right the inner liner non-perforated and is tight up against the outer wall. If that's the case just leave it be. If that’s not the case and you are bound and determined to get it out then grab with a pair of Vice Grips and twist it while you pry on it with a long screw driver etc. My only concern is that you'd only get half of it out and the remainder might end up pulled away from the wall and well into the gas flow.

Sure a brazing torch would work just fine.



Mar 31, 2000
I’ve got mine removed and it was easy, but you need a very special "tool". Here in Bangkok is a guy with a big oven build only for exactly this purpose. It is only necessary to make a small hole in the pipe (about 3 by 3 cm) and then heat the pipe several hours in this oven. Then everything inside the pipe is gone!

I could only find out that this oven is very hot so that the outside of the pipe does not melt but the rest burns away.

It works perfect!

Good luck


Apr 13, 2000
Does the guy use a nuclear reactor? How in the heck would it melt everything inside, but allow the pipe to remain intact. Now I'm curious.... anyone else wondering how that would work?

I just cut my pipe open and ripped out the stuff. A friend of mine put it back together with a MIG, however, a TIG does a better job. Like C-Dave says, a brazing torch will work, but it'll be ugly! :cool:
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