Aug 13, 1999
What do you use for starting blocks for a kid that isn't quite tall enough to sit on his bike at the gate?

He's 8 (almost 9) about 4'10" on a CR80E racing SX. We put 2" smaller rims on it already and he rides it well except, at the starting line he has to stand with one leg over the seat and in the air while he balances on the other foot on the ground. Not conducive to a good start at all.

Do a couple wood blocks work? Any pros or cons or other ideas?

Farmer John

T.C.F.<br>(tire changin' fool)
Mar 8, 2000
My son uses a piece of 4x6.
It's the right thickness & it gives him a solid platform for his foot, & if I forget to pick it up...oh well:)
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