Jun 29, 2001
Last week I bought a bone stock '92 KDX200 and absolutely love it. It runs like a champ, however it spooged all over the place with a 32:1 mix of Bel-Ray (MC-1?) so I bumped to 40:1. This cut down the spooge considerably, however I still get horrible gas mileage. I am aware that Kawasaki sends everything from the factory rich, and I know I need to change it. Does anyone out there with a '92 remember what settings they used totally stock? I plan on doing the drill listed in JustKDX Carb Tuning, but having a good starting place will greatly speed up the process for me. Thanks much!!

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
As a starting point try the stock R1172N jet needle in the second from the top clip position (#2) , a 45 pilot jet, 152 main jet and fine-tune the pilot circuit using the air screw. I'd also pick up a 155 main and a 42 pilot jet so you'll have options in hand before you try to fine tune things. Be sure to do a plug reading at WOT to insure you aren't running lean. You'll find instructions in the JustKDX web page under Carb Tuning


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