Jan 31, 2003
okay, i'm think i'm pretty sure i understand your post.

on a low and steep jump face, if you don't hit it hard, your back end will kick up very violently. keep the throttle constant up the jump face and into the air.


Apr 28, 2003
There is a rather steep faced jump at our track that is tricky at first, but once you learn how to hit it there is nothing to it. I like to come into the jump a little slower than normal and really compress the bike into the jump (front and rear suspension). Once I am compressed, I roll on the throttle off the lip for a real lofty feal. I also hit this jump one gear higher than I would normally do on a jump of it's size (only about a 35 ft length, but real steep). It is purely a timing thing.

I can't complain about this particular jump b/c I'm the one who built it in the first place, hehe.


Jan 5, 2002
Something about those small "kicker" type jumps....you gotta get your weight back and power through it more than try and compress to jump it. We have a small double (15 or 20 feet)with a takeoff about 1.5 feet high. You have to accelerate hard and get real far back on the bike. When you hit the jump it seems like you "blow through the jump" more than you actually JUMP it. Hope this is as clear as mud!
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