Dec 11, 1999
Just wondering what everybodys tricks are for stiff clutches. Other than new cables What are some other options to help fix a stiff clutch? I ride alot of tight woods and a easy clutch is a good thing? Any ideas?


Mar 15, 2001
Lube both ends of the cable where the barrel connects to a lever or arm.

Also, some bikes have parts like a cross shaft and/or cam that can be polished...that will make it operate more smoothly.

Are there major grooves in your basket?

Can you run lighter springs and/or less stack height without the clutch slipping?

Use a fairly long lever and move the perch in on the bar so that you have more leverage. Don't forget to put teflon tape between the bar and perch.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
The various aftermarket cables like terminator (motion pro I think) or some other silly name work real well due to their construction as they don’t tend to act like a spring.

Yes you could increase your leverage with an expensive lever assembly.

But the cheap way of doing exactly the same thing on the other end is lengthen the actuator arm. I put an extra 8-10mm in my kdx arm which helped a lot & actually improved the angle of the cable.

Cost; an offcut & a 10 min welding job.
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