Jul 19, 2003
I have an '03' KDX220 and the shift lever bends incredibly easy. I replaced the stock one with a Moose lever and it doesn't bend, but it also doesn't shift the bike as well as the stock one and I miss gears with it frequently. Has anyone else had problems with the stock shifter and success resolving the problem?


Sep 25, 2002
The only proplem with bend-proof shifters is that then the shifter shaft is the next weakest link.

I keep meaning to snake the shifter, but I'll probably need another "big bend" to remind me.


Feb 6, 2003
a kx shift lever can be put on your shaft since it is the same shaft but I don't know how the fit is for the foot.
mine bends some too but a vise grip bends it back.
Riding in woods I would rather have the bendy one since you don't want a broke one instead.

Snake; a piece of wire that limits the amount the lever is going to move. Also designed to help keep brush from wedging in between the shifter and the frame. Mostly used on brake pedals but I guess some do use them on shifters too.


Nov 24, 1999
IMS lever is the best $25.00 you can spend. It will out last 3 stock levers and will not effect your shaft. The problem with the stock lever is breaking at the back weld. I would break the weld every 750 miles and I just changed my IMS lever after 2000 miles.


Oct 14, 1999
Guess I'm just a mamby-pamby kinda rider..but my oem shifter is going strong. Yeah...it's been tweaked more'n once, but it tweaks right back! ;)

Jamming the thing with a couple gazillion pounds of force doesn't make it shift the trans any better. Quick is one thing. That doesn't mean you have to pound on it like a gorilla.

Cactus Jim

Apr 1, 2002
I actually liked the stock lever just because it "could" be bent so easily. This made it easy to add about 3/4" (to fit my size 12's) and to bend it downward just a little for that perfect fit. On my KX500 I use MSR's shifter. Very strong, but difficult to custom fit ..... it just takes a bigger hammer.

Maybe I'm just hard to please.


Oct 15, 2002
What about the length of the aftermarket shifters? I'm still riding/racing with the stock shifter, and I'm gettin' a little annoyed with the all too familiar bite it- then bend it back routine. I have a Baja Designs skid plate though, and if any of you are running one, you are aware of the tight clearance with the case guard. One of my racing buddies has an IMS on his 220 and it seems a bit longer (maybe its just me, didn't measure), but he doesn't run a skid plate and has little feet. I've also been having similar crash dammage problems with my rear brake lever. Anyone know a better solution than a bench vise and vise-grips? The brake snake seems like a good idea, but my lever/pedal bends arn't usualy from snags; they usualy occur after adrenaline induced rag-dolls while racing, or off-road catastrophies that result from the friendly 'challanges' and/or competing egos of my close riding buddies.
Thanks for any help offered, I'll try to return the favor,


Jan 2, 2001
Your stock shifter bends for a reason.Some people don't like the amount of play the stock unit gives after some miles on it.Cut a plastic washer out of a milk jug and make a slot in it.Slide it into the spring area on top of the folding tip.Play gone.Tight shift.
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