semi old guy

Dec 9, 1999
I'm changing springs on a set of 43 mm upside down street showas. there is a long spacer above the spring that has two diametrically opposed holes in it. i think these holes are so that you can get to the rod to hold it in order to remove the fork cap from the rod. is there a special tool for this?


May 3, 2001
Yes you will need a special tool. Mine hooks to the bottom of the fork from 1 end then the other end will hook to the 2 holes in the spacer you talk about. Then there is a bolt through the whole tool that you can tighten and it will compress the spring enough to take the cap loose from the rod. Make sure you count the number of rebound clicks before you take cap off of rod because it needs to be timed back on the rod correctly.

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