stupid questions

Sep 29, 2003
testing the stator on a 1990 200. Does anyone know what values I should get? Can you do it with the stator on or do you need to remove it? What about testing if stator ground to engine is good? On the STUPID side--the wires under the tank have clear(sorta)plastic covers over the connectors. What's the best way to disconnect them--they seem kind of stuck? Also, I know where the stator and ignition coil are, but haven't seen the ignitorc yet. Do the igniter and ignition coil need clean grounds to the frame---frustrated in ClownTown.
Jay :|


Oct 14, 1999
Nothing stupid about it.

I was sure I'd read the stator specs on CDave's site. Just went to check and didn't see them offhand.

Testing grounds with a meter may give you a false sense of 'it's ok.' If you quesiton them, take them off, clean the contact points and reattach 'em well.

Those plastic covers do tend to kinda stick. If you use something (like a mechanic's scribe maybe) inserted between where the plastics meet you can sometimes get rid of enough 'stiction' that will allow you to pull them apart.

Some of the plastics used are pretty springy. Depends on age, too. You can sometimes get a pair of needlenose or hemostats INside the plastic to grip the connector (vs: the wire). That will give you better purchase to yank on. Try twisting first, then pulling.

Put them back together with something like noalox...a grease used in copper/aluminum connections that prevents corrosion. Other greases (lithum) work, too. That will keep 'em from getting stuck next time.

The coil that runs the plug is under the tank. Is that the 'ignitorc' you are speaking of? Just follow the hi-tension lead from the plug. The coil is screwed to the frame downtube. The coil that runs the sparkbox (cdi, whichever you prefer) is under the flywheel with the light coil.

Considering your other post....try a new plug. Check your reeds for cracking, fraying and being sprung (not against the cage). You might turn your reeds upside-down to see if that makes a difference. I wouldn't consider that a 'fix'.