Apr 11, 2001
I just sold my XR400 and now ride a WR250F. Dirtbike magazine says that the XR takes the rocks, roots, and really ugly 1st and 2nd gear stuff better than the WR. I DISAGREE! I think my WR sucks up the really ugly stuff better. I can get through it faster and get less tired on my WR. Another thing is the seat. Everyone and all the magazines said that the XR seat was the most comfortable thing going. I always got wicked monkey butt. When I bought the WR and felt the seat, I thought it felt like a rock. I though my butt would really get rubbed raw. Well I don't understand it, but my butt just doesn't get half as sore as it did on the XR.

All it did to the WR suspension is adjust the clickers front and rear and I set the sag. As far as the clickers, I just rode through a rocky section, adjusted them, ran through the section again, and repeated until I liked the results.

As far as landing from jumps... I'm a woods guy so my air is pretty small, but the WR definitly lands much better.


May 15, 2001
Thanks for the info Dave

Godd advise Dave, thanks. I'm 6'6" and 250lbs. will the WR250 give me enough power and suspinsion?
Harrisburg, PA.......I was up there this winter to visit a friend. Went skiing at Camel Back and had a blast. You guy's have got to have some excellent trails in that part of the country.....Ride on!


Feb 6, 2000
IMO, you're too big for a WR250. 6'6" and 250lbs. makes for one big dude. I just don't thingk you'd be happy on one, not for very long anyway.


Aug 22, 2000
I'd say look hard at the XR400 - It'll have decent power and suspension for aggressive trail riding. If you're a power-hungry fiend, the only answer is a WR426.

As far as suspension goes, I completely agree with Alfadave about the WR making one a faster rider. I own a '98 XR250, and although it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I encounter really wicked stuff, the WR (on which I've scored about 5 hours of saddle time) makes me feel like Ty Davis (I know I still look like Gomer Pyle though!).

Unfortunately, I'd say the limit for the WR250 is about 200 lbs. Any more than that, and you'll really be pushing the bike and having to rpm it to make it work at all.

With your height, the WR will probably feel okay though. It's one tall bike!


May 13, 2001
How convenient for you! My best friend/riding buddy owns a 2001 XR400 and I a 2000 WR 400F. Even though the WR is not the upgraded 426, it will kill the XR in every manner when both are set up properly. Okay, except the seat. But, then again, who sits down anyway? I am pretty close to your size and I am bored with the 400 so a 250 may put you to sleep.
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