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Jan 22, 2001
Lately after having broke my wrist and now I can only bend it about 30% of what I use to, I started wondering about changes in the throttle. I was wondering why ATV people switch from the thumb throttle to the twist? With the thumb throttle the way I see it you could have far better control of the front brake and this would help alot with railing berms and such in dirtbiking. So why don't dirtbikers try the thumb throttle? Is it just not as sensitive or what is the big difference? I don't plan on converting to a thumb throttle this was just something I was thinking about.


Jun 20, 2001
I ride both atv's and dirt bikes. I can say for me twist is far superior. You bring up using the front brake. Think about how you grip the bar. Your thumb is very important in holding onto the bar. If you need to have your thumb on the throttle and your finger/s on the brake you lose your grip on the bar big time. Especially for me it is very hard to brake with my thumb on the throttle, with twist you still have a good grip on the bar.

Also if you ever ride aggressively on a quad with thumb throttle you know it is very awkward to make sharp right turns. Most of the time when I am making these turns I have to reach around the front of the grip with my index finger to use the thumb throttle. It is hard to explain without actually doing it. Try it sometime on a quad in a tight right turn.

If the quad was not my wife's main ride I would convert it to twist in a heartbeat.

Just my opinion.


May 31, 2001
I have had two sport quads and the first thing I did to both of them was buy a twist. They are so much easier to use. I know exactly what your talking about holyroller1. I do the same thing in right hand corners with a thumb throttle. I thought I was the only.
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There is a product made by Racers Edge that reduces the amount of rotation to get to Wide Open. I like it on loamy MX tracks but it is too sensitive on slick dry pack. It essentially quickins the throttle by about half.

I will look for that phone number if you are interested.


Jan 17, 2001
Originally posted by Racers Edge
Lately after having broke my wrist and now I can only bend it about 30% of what I use to,

Maybe some physical therapy would help. How long has it been since you broke it?? Also you might be able to buy a throttle with less twist to a pinned position. I think the Dennis Kirk Catalog had them listed by degrees of twist. You would have to know (of course) how much twist your stock throttle has.
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