Jul 5, 2006
what tire do yall think is better maxxis IT or the dunlop 756 for every type of conditions but mostly dark soil motorcross conditions and for gearing its stock on a cr125 06 and ive done some mods to the bike and it makes just to much bottom so i was thinking about going to 110/90/19 tire and a 51t rear sprocket

what do yall think?


Apr 18, 2006
crashogden said:
i was thinking about going to 110/90/19 tire and a 51t rear sprocket

Going to that tire size from what????

You are not going to change the rim size (the "19" number) of the tire without a lot of work and expense, and there isn't that much overall tire diameter change with aspect ration (the 110/90 number).

The tire compound will effect how the tire grips hard surfaces, how it wears and how likely the tire will get punctured. The tread pattern will primarialy effect how well it grips in various terrain and how well it sheds mud. There is no best tire to cover all conditions. For mud you need a tire that has a wide spaced knobs so it will shed the mud. For rock you need a tighter tread so that the sharp rock edges can't cut the tire casing. General purpose tires make compromises and aren't "best" for either case.

As for the gearing, what's best can vary with the riding area. What is stock on your bike?

If you go to a larger rear sprocket and nd up trail riding and hit a fire or powerline road you can easily reach MAX RPM in 6th gear and watch your buddies pull away from you as you try to shift to 7th gear....

If you go down in rear sprocket size, go climbing hills and fall off the pipe you may be trying to shift to zero'th gear.....

If you are riding a track that doesn't have any long straight aways you have a choice: you might go up in the rear sprocket then use 3rd through 6th gears or go down a few teeth and ride 2nd through 5th.



Oct 17, 2006
i would go with the maxxis just becuase its an intermed tire where the dunlop is soft/inter, so intermed is just a better all around all condition tire, as for the sprocket dropping one tooth usually does not do that much, the 250 comes with a 48tooth so maybe drop to a 50t and see how that works also make sure a 110 tire will fit in the swingarm and not rub

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