TNT Chester, SC Sunday 6-17-01 (Daddy's Day)

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
It's not too late! Truespode is still lieing in the third turn with his leg wound up in the swingarm and his thumb in his mouth...come out and roost him!

Had to skip the races tonight but plan on getting some riding in Sunday at TNT. I talked to the owner today and he's been playing with a new bullldozer they want him to buy so the track should be great. Even with all this rain, they almost had to turn on the sprinklers today.

Come on out this afternoon. Ivan will be teaching low-speed crashes and I will be giving an excuse seminar. Marvin (who's bike I'm riding) will be shaking his head and muttering about how people shouldn't ride when they're not qualified to walk.

Duct Tape

Oct 19, 2000
If I was there...

If I would have been there I could have gave lessons on upperbody fractures resulted from poor jumping technique, but alas my poor yamadog is still not sparking strong enough, but I finally "think" I found the problem, seems that the ignition coil's primary winding was out of spec (too much resistance) I ordered the new coil and we'll see how things go. Its still pretty tight for me riding since my wife keeps me busy being a new father-to-be and all, you know paint the nursery, build a fence, etc.... Hope ya'll having fun.


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