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Hey KDXers, I'm a KLX rider and have a MX style rear fender on my 2000 KLX. My question is: Can I get a tool kit like the KDX has somewhere (aftermarket or stock) and rig an easy mount for it on the aftermarket fender?


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I have the moose Fender pack, just put it on my KDX and it should fit on an MX rear fender. It's a little larger, well OK a lot larger than the stock bag and nicer too.

You can carry just about anything in it, and a bottle of watter too :)



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You mean like this?
This is the stock tool bag mounted onto an MX style rear fender purchased from FRP.


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I purchased a bar bag at a bike shop and strapped it to my crossbar. I tuck it behind the numberplate. It holds more than the 200 fender bag, and it doesn't get in the way when I slide back on the seat or throw my leg over the bike.

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Thanks for the replies. Right now I have a but pack strapped around my number plate (took off light assembly). My bar area or behind the number plate is a no go, not enough room.

I'll check into moose and FRP (is FRP Fredette's products?) it's more what I'm looking for. Mac, thanks, a pic is worth a thousand words like they say :)