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Mar 2, 2000
Hi Derek,

If I can get you to give me a little more detailed info on Cloudcroft, I would be appreciative. We are contemplating making the long drive down from Denver over Memorial Weekend but aren't sold yet. Could you please give details on the following Q's:

1) Trails: How many miles of riding and what is the terrain variety? Can we get in 3 to 4 full days of riding on different trails?

2) Lodging: Are hotels abundant and are they at least reputable? We are city boys who don't like to camp out. How close to the trail system are they?

3) Nightlife: What is the bar and restaraunt situation?

4) We are plated for Colorado. Will we need to buy any NM parks passes or registrations? Can we ride to the trails or do we need to trailer?

5) Nearest hospital

6) Any other info you wish to share.

7) How can we get a hold of maps of the area and surrounding areas?

I've been to your pics pages and notices you've ridden Rampart. I am very familiar with Rampart. How would you compare Cloudcroft in size and terrain?

We are leaning on going back to Moab or taking our chances with the Taos area. But I can't seem to find enough info on Taos to peak our interest.

Thank you very much, Doug


Feb 6, 2000
Hey Doug,
I'll get together what maps I have and e-mail them to you. They'll give you an idea of the trails. Pick up a Lincoln National Forest "Travel map". It has all or most of the trails on it. There's a Forest Service station in Cloudcroft. The address and Tele# I have is:
Sacremento Ranger Station
PO Box 288
Cloudcroft N.M. 88317 Ph# (505)682-2551
You may be able to call them and get them to send you a map. I think that's what I did. There are a fair amount of rocks, not boulder size, more like softball size, but it varies. They're nice trails. You won't be disappointed. VincentWR400F lives around there. He's the guy I talk to to keep up on trail conditions. I think you could get 3-4 days of riding there, especially if you don't have a guide and depending on the amount of deadfall. Also depends on how fast you ride and how many breaks and photo op stops you make. But I don't see a problem with having 4 days of riding. Some of the trailheads you have to ride forest road and hiway to get to. Usually not a problem on the hiways even for unplated bikes as long as you don't get caught hotdogging, stay to the side of the road and obey speed limits. Don't need a N.M. sticker to ride. Not sure if spark aresstors are required/enforced.

The lodging situation isn't to bad I think. If you're going to be there Memorial weekend tho, I would definatly look into making reservations with someplace. I can't give specifics as I've always camped out. Town is not but a few miles from the trails. You will probably want to haul bikes to the staging area and ride from there. I'll mark that area on the map. I don't do the bar scene but believe there are several.
Nearest hospital is probably in Alamogordo.

Size compared to Rampart: about the same but not as many short trails. Whereas Rampart is mostly crushed granite with few rocks, Cloudcroft is very rocky. Cloudcroft trails are not as meticulously maintained as Rampart hence alot of deadfall in places but there's usually not a problem going around or over. Kind of keeps things interesting.

Vincent, chime in here anytime. What do you think the trail conditions will be like around Memorial weekend?

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