Oct 3, 2006
Have an 06 CRF 250. I bought it new, broke it in, and then adjusted the valves. I have put about ten hours on it since then, and have changed the oil and filter at about every 3 hours. I just barely had to adjust both intake and exhaust valves again. I'm great with lots of maintanence and adjusting valves, but after two adjustments I reckon my next go is to replace the valves and springs. If this is the case, am I going to be replacing valves every 20 hours or so? I am able to trade the bike for an 07 YZF250. I am considering it for the fact that YZFs have a solid rep with their heads. SHould I or shouldn't I?
Jan 3, 2007
Well, ride it. If it is the fact you dont like doing the valves i would look into a SOHC bike like the CRF250X or KTM450EXC. The fact of the matter is that the valves will still have to be done on a YZ250F almost close to the same amout as the bike you are currently ridding. So, really ride the Yamaha and if you like it more then the honda then i would do the trade but if that is not your thing then stick with your bike.


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Aug 7, 2006
if youre able to trade for a newer bike, then go for it. make sure you ride it first and feel comfortable on it, the YZF will be a bit taller and slightly more top heavy than your CRF. plus, the YZ250F's have been more reliable than the CRF's( at least for '06), the CRF's are said to have valve problems and it sounds like youre seeing a precursor for whats ahead.

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