Jun 7, 2002
I've got a 92 KDX 200 that is need of some heavy maintenance, basically I figure around $800.00 worth of work. Considering I paid not too much more than that for the whole bike at the beginning of the year, I'm thinking if I get a few bucks for it and trade up, I might be be better off.

The bike itself is fine, once all the maintenance is done, it will be perfectly acceptable for my purposes.

Looking for opinions on trade up vs. rebuild.


May 3, 2002
What are you going to get for a $1600.00 bike? Probably something newer but in the same boat. It will probably need suspension rebuild, clutch work, top end work, linkage bearings needed, wheel bearings, pads, etc...

If your bike is solid now and you are happy with it, just fix it up. If you want some more power, then talk to Eric Gorr about some porting for the bike. install some racetech gold valves for the forks and recharge the shock. You would have a bike that is mechanically sound then.



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Damn Yankees
Jan 8, 2000
My '91 is every bit as good as a "newer" KDX. Mind you, I have a lot invested in my bike. But it really is a great woods bike. I'd say SAVE your money and update your '92.

After Dirtweek I discovered that I'd like to do some more MX racing. I found a 1999 KX125 and ......

But I'm keeping the KDX because it's just great in the woods.


Feb 6, 2003
I could jump my 92 about like my modified 96. The 92 has fmf and reeds to it and it feels just like a 03 125 power band. If it had some porting and a delta force it would probably rip a lot more. To bad I sold it. It was a fun bike and worth 800 dollars investment. I say keep your bike. Other used bikes have problems too and money is easily sunk into them so the cost difference is not really 800 for you, it could be like 200 or less after you messed with your new used purchase.
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