Trails in Northern Colorado?

Nov 14, 1999
We just moved to Loveland last year and would like to find some trails that are nearby. Any suggestions would be appreciated as most of the single-track around here seems to be off-limits to motorized recreation.


Mar 2, 2000
Not sure of the Northern area of CO, but just southwest of Denver is the Rampart Range riding area and just south of that is Woodland Park. Great woods riding. Large and fun.

Rampart directions: C470 to Santa Fe (85). South 10 miles to Sedalia. West at the light (Sedalia Bar and Grill) for 10 miles to the entrance of Rampart Range. Park and ride. Get a map at a bike shop. Need OHV stickers (get from a bike shop).

With the snow storm we are getting today, probably won't be ridable for a couple of weeks.

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Sep 22, 2000
Right now everything west of the front range is still melting.
There is the Pawnee Grasslands area by Grover,Co.
Try doing a search, I recall finding alot of information for N.Colo but can't remember where I put it.


Ken & Diane James
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Nov 14, 1999
Thanks for the directions Dougie. We will definitely ride there this summer as I have heard from others Rampart is a cool place.

We found the grasslands riding area the other day but it is CLOSED to OHV use between April 9th and Oct. 31st. From what I hear, the ecos found a bird nest in that area and convinced the Forest Service to shut down the whole area. I am going to call the ranger office and see if I can get the ball rolling to get another area of the very vast grasslands designated for OHV use.

Thump on!

Dec 16, 1999
Ever heard of Left Hand Canyon? It is about 6 to 8 mile south of Lyons up Left Hand Canyon and is thawed right now. The bottom section is kinda a trashy but there is more riding there than even I realize, and I learned to ride there. There is single track there that can chalenge the best riders and hours and hours of new trails. It was rated one of the top 5 hardest places to ride by some magazine. I forget which. You have to go searching for the good stuff. I suggest going up there and find some guy on an older bike to talk to. They almost always know where the fun rides are better than anybody on a newer bike. A WARNING: Left Hand will screw up a bike and it's rider if you are not careful. But it is great and all the trails are pretty tight together (within half hour from farthest point to farthest point.
A little later in the summer jaunt farther up Left Hand Canyon Road to a little town called Jamestown. Go thru the town and and take a right at your first major dirt road about 1 mile out of town. Go up the road and stay left. It will lead you to a trail head and there is plenty of riding there. Try everything in the area. One of our favorite rides starts there and leads us on a 25 mile loop thru the mountains. Very fun. Also get our a map an look for Jenny Creek trail just inside Gilpin county near Nederland. If you are brave enough and good enough you can cross the continental divide and ride into Winter Park. It is all high altitlude so be prepared for chillier weather and drastic altitude changes. If you need better directions email me at I know all these places really well.