Troubleshooting help needed 99 200 mxc kickstarter


Jan 14, 2001
I could use some opinions and advise from the list on a recent problem with my 99 200 MXC.

Recently the kickstarter started missing every once and a while, I could here is slipping inside like it wasnt engaging at all. Finally after a race this weekend and pushing it to the point of push starting I took the right side of the case apart for inspection.

It looks like there is a spring loaded mechnism which engages the gear from behind as it slides into a arm bolted to the case. There is definitely some wear on the teeth of the gears and the small gear with the tab that catches on the bolted on stop looks like it is rounded off on the outside end.

Question 1.. Has anyone every experienced these problems and removed and replaced this assembly.

Question 2 any suggestions on which of these parts need to be replaced. I dont want to spend 100 bucks on part when I only need one small part.

Any opinions or advise is greatly appreciated.



Dec 21, 2000
It could be any number of things wrong with your kickerstarter.Don't chance not fixing it,I did and it cost me $1100!!!!!
Good luck,
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