Trying to install Hour meter on 07 YZ250F


Jul 7, 2007
I need some help. I bought a moose hour meter for my bike so that I have a little more assurance that I am keeping up with maintenance. I am trying to get it to read the hours but it has not done it yet. It claims that all I need to do is make a few loops around the sparkplug wire. This I have done and I have not had it tick a 1/10 of an hour yet. Am I doing something wrong? The check wire is in the guage right. Is there another wire that I could wrap around or should wrap? I have an old XR100 and the Spark plug wire on that bike is huge. The spark plug wires on my bike seem to be pretty small. anyone have any ideas or know how they got theirs to work.


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Apr 9, 2002
On our RMZ we simply wrapped it around the coil right where it sits at the top of the cylinder. We wrapped it around about 4 times, made sure the other end of the wire was pushed into the slot properly on the back of the hour meter and it works fine.
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