Nov 4, 2000
Well, Pima Motorsports Park is coming along really nicely. The main tracks should be open by july 4. If you live in area, keep in mind you have to take the 90 minute orientation course to ride there. The hot line is 520-762-0020 for info. ANYHOW now the goodies:

One sqare mile (640 acres) tower, appx 1400 sf. main building,
A well, electricity ( no lights yet). All tracks fenced.

3 motocross tracks. One main competition (.78 miles long)l , a practice/beginners track, and a vintage track. One quad track ( almost a mile), a 6.5 mile enduro loop, an 80 track, a 60 track, a mud pit , a rock crawl, a 4-wd obstacle course, a sand pit/run. Safety is the big issue at the park ( since it is a county park). No alcohol, unsafe practices allowed. They are looking at Glen Helen for a model, I have heard. Anyhow it should be awesome since it is only 15 min. from home for me. Thanks to volunteer work ( grant money only goes so far!) It should open fairly soon and provide a great place for tucsonan's to off-road/mx. They are also going to have a trials bike area, depending upon trials rider's input,volunteers. A crew of 35-40 of us put up ALOT of fence on sat.I dare say we fenced 40+ acres. Well that is the update. When it is open I will let all you AZ folks in for a review.

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