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Aug 31, 2000
I am looking to respring my bike (1984 cr500)this spring. It is pretty much a necessity. I currently tip the scales at 320. So, as you can imagine, the bike is slightly undersprung.
My problem is that I can't justify the 140$+ to get the job done. There are,unfortunatly, other expenses in my life that take precedence over new springs.
With that said, I have a question.

Is there a source for used springs anywhere?

Being on a fairly tight budget(read children in college) I am limited in the amount of money that I have available to spend on my bikes for upgrades and repairs.
Is there a reason that used springs couldn't do the job just as well as new?
Or, should I just bag the idea, and just wait untill I can afford new?

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Jun 17, 2000
go down to your dealer and take a look at the White Bros. Off-road catalog

the charts in the suspension section will show you what springs will fit what bikes and give you a ballpark rate for what came stock on each model

Cycle News has a lot of ads in the back of it for used part dealers
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