Jun 27, 2000
First off dont check my spelling
If i learned anything it was to read though somthing before i send it.
At Casey they said you must have a dist. card although no dist. point will count unless you ride the 4-strk"A" class.  I ride 4- stroke they dont have 'b' or 'c'just 4-stroke.  They said those points dont count for dist.  They also said no 30B points awarded only 30A would count for dist. points.  Im not in this for dist. points.  I just feels like a unless your going for dist. point you dont need to belong to a dist.  I might be wrong but what does the dist. do for you besides keep dist. point.  Not trying to sound like a smart ass.  like somother people oh yea A.J get a hair cut


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Nov 12, 1999
I need to know some things here.

1. what type of racing mx?
2. 4 stroke class is not a district class in either mx or hare scrambles.
3. Who gave you this information
4. why is this such a problem.

I can tell you a couple things maybe it will answer some of your questions.

We have asked that all riders riding district 17 events are to be current memebers. NOW before you start yelling d-17 sucks, realize this. ALL tracks and clubs that fly the district 17 banner vote on the rules and guidlines that district 17 follows. Another words my job is to institute these rules, help tracks run thier events, answer riders questions (like these) and promote the sport of motorcycling.
You are require to be a district member not only for the points, but for many other reasons. Another reason is for the liability, as a rider you are aware of the risks, by signing up to be a district member for a year, you aknowledge the fact that racing is a dangerous sport and the releases you sign on race day go along with the district "paper trail" that we keep on all riders. This helps keep the tracks open in case of a law suit.
Now its real simple, if you rather NOT be a member of a district that is your choice, but i think the quality and the uniform structure provided by our district serves you the rider well in good organized racing events in our district. Being a non member means you can't ride these events and if that is your choice, I would like to hear your comparison of non-district events and see how they stack up.
Riders have different riding numbers, different classes, advanced by points which 90% would still ride C class if it wasn't for advancement. The points are as important to a track as they may or may not be to you. Think about this, with out a proper advancement system, number assignements, and a rule book, what kind of event could be put on. DO you realize that people will squable over little things such as number plate colors.

Here is somthing else to think about, what if every track in this district decided not to be members, and each had their own rules, none of which where the same. How fast would riders stop going to other tracks, hence those tracks would loose revenue, the dealers would loose revenue and in not to long the abundance of tracks to race would be gone. Been there done that in the mid 80's, not a pretty site.

Your district card costs 20.00. If you go anywhere riding anytime it costs that much for the gas you put in your vehicle to get there. Your district card includes a year membership to cycle usa newspaper and it also provides district riders with over 10k in awards at the end of the year. Maybe there isn't at this time a 4 stroke class for you, but I am very sure that there is a class that will allow you to get points and year end awards. Give me some information and i can list the classes available.
Anyway your spelling is not my concern, your comments about this district  that i have been a member of since 1975 and on the board since 1990 does. You may not aggree with all the rules, but like someone suggested in here be a part of the solution.


Jun 27, 2000
Didn't mean to get you all worked up.
I ride H.S. only.
Most of the events I ride in are in D15.
The only thing I am saying is if the class you are in is not recognized by your district why belong?  D-17 according to Gene Ramsey D17 doesn't
recognize the four stroke class or plus age class unless you ride "A".
The only reason I don't go to more d17 races is they are farther than D15 from where I live.  I'm not the only one who feels this way.  WE were talking about this at Casey Sunday, me and some other 4-strk ridders.


Dec 29, 1999
If you're a member of D-15, then I don't see why the Casey guys would hassle you about not being able to race. It's pretty standard practice across all the AMA districts that if you're a member of one district, you can race in any other without having to buy an additional district card. (You just won't get points in the district that you don't have a card for, though.)

As for the question, "What does joining the district do for me?" Well, think of it more along the lines of "What has the district done for me?" The individual districts add the invaluable glue of a common rule-making body, without which there would be no organized competition for you or me at anywhere near the level we currently enjoy.

We owe it to our home district to join up. Without them, our racing and riding options would be sorely decreased for all the reasons Wardy mentioned.


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Nov 5, 1999
Dead Engine.

In the last string I was joking on the spelling,I cant spell to save my life.Maybe its the hair in my eyes?

But I think in that post I answered your first question to some extent?
Your bike IS legal in a D17 recognized class in HS.
We do not currently have a 4 stroke class and there has not even been a request for one from any of the promotors or clubs.
if you want to earn awards you could ride "201-UP B" class  
or "Big B"

as far as your other question
The only thing I am saying is if the class you are in is not recognized by your district why belong?  

Wardy did answer with the many reasons it is required to have a District17 card.
There are other reasons ..but ,
A lot of it is for liabilty,you are participating in a D17 event.If you get injuried you can sue of course.
If you are a D17 member you end up sueing an organization you belong to and that you have signed a waiver of release of liabilty to.
This greatly increases D17's ( and the TRACK owners) odds of not having to spend money in lawyers and court cases.
Noone could afford to hold  HS events at all if the liabilty insurance
rates increase.( which happens if they have to defend a case or pay out)

You could ask the same question of why you need to have a AMA card at all?
They certainly pay no awards in ANY class?

Just so you know the procedure :
The recognized classes are voted in by the Promotors and Clubs of D17.
This is done when there is enough participation in a class to warrant awards in the minds of the Tracks and Promotors.
The event director brings it up to the Board and the tracks and promotors vote on it.
HS participation is fairly low,and therefore has the least amount of classes.
A similair discipline - Enduro has a 30B and a 4 stroke class( a and b combined).
Something to think about?

Also from your post it seems you "may" live in D15? if so you do not need a D17 card to ride a D17 event.
you would need to have your "home" districts card though.


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Nov 12, 1999
if i sounded mad I really wasn't but I somtimes sound that way when i try to make a point. I guess my point is that in these situations the only recourse you have to improve the races you go to is to get your hands in it. talk to jean and tell him HEY i want to see these classes, ask for jean to submit a rule change, then call the director and ask him to back that rule change.

Just so you know we make all riders belong to the district mainly because of liability, sandbagging and organization. That is one rule that won't change. The benefits are there, so without repeating a ton of stuff i think that would be the way to attack this situation.

Believe me if i ever get angry..........anyway i am not allowed.



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