Mar 29, 2007
Hey there DirtRider forum peoples, got a question for the experts out there. I want to upgrade my stock rotors (07 Honda 450x) to some nice wave rotors. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Are they better then stock and can anyone tell me anything about the “Oversized” wave rotor kit? What’s the best company that makes them? I have seen some made by Gafler and Braking.

Lol a few questions there, but for reals, thanks for anyone in advance who responds

Keep the rubber side down!!!!


Aug 21, 2004
I've got some Braking wave rotors, front & back on my KTM...They work great, dissipate heat better than stock, clean mud out better, and seem to be a little easier on the pads. I didn't go with the oversize because I ride in the woods & the odds of hitting something & damaging the rotor increase with a larger sized rotor. EBC, Galfer & Braking are all quality companies & I wouldn't hesitate on purchasing items from any of them....

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