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Jul 16, 2000
I bought my boy a Husky 50 senior. And today is the second time the magneto has gone out. Good thing the dealership is good to work with, they replaced it. When I asked them if there was a recall on it, they said no, but the service manager said "oh those things just wear out like that". I told him if they just wear out like that, why have they replaced it free of charge both times. He didn't comment. Sooooo I was wondering if any other Husky owners have had similar problems in the magneto with their peewee or full size bikes, befor I try to contact Cagiva. The bike rips but I don't want to go thru a magneto every 3 hours.


Mar 29, 2001
Not sure

I think the magneto is the part that produces energy, am I right?

If that's so, I have indeed have some trouble with it.
I havent had big trouble, its a 1995 WR360, and the workshop told me it wasn't generating as much power as it should and so the spark plug is not being able to burn fuel properly.

I understand it was changed last year, but I dunno how many times before that.
The people at the workshop told me I have to open the carcass every now and then to let the water out that goes in when going thru rivers and stuff.

I dont think its a big deal. I rode a 1998 360cc KTM last week, and I'm glad I have my husky. It stands no chance.
Anyway, I hope this helped somehow.
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