Aug 2, 2001
Hi I just got my new to me CR250(2001) and it is bone stock, and right now it runs a little rich but it is good once I get into the meat of it, if I let the bike sit for about 15 seconds it will smoke abit when I take off, but it's no biggie. My question is, I washed the bike, when I was done I started it, and it died after 5 seconds so I changed the plug, and it started after about 5 kicks, but after that the whole ride the bike ran rich off the bottom, it would smoke when I pinned it in first gear??? But after that it cleared out, but when I let off the same thing happened.Now is this something to do with the water(washing the bike)? I also do have to clean the filter because this was after a 2 hour ride(which the bike ran fine) however it was in tight trees so maybe I gummed up the PV's? But ill let you guys take it from here>?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
You washed it so start with the obvious. Drain the carb & tank looking for water bubbles rolling around the bottom.

While you are at it clean the airfilter, it is the filter for your engine, buy a spare & swap it when you can’t be bothered cleaning it.


Jan 17, 2001
You might have gotten water in the air filter when you were cleaning it. Your air screw might need some adjusting.
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