Aug 10, 2001
I am 32, 6' and 170lbs. Picked up an XR 250 a few months ago and got back into riding after an 18 yr. break. I now want something a bit snappier and lighter feeling. I live in California (LA) thus need a green sticker bike. I am more of a trail/open space rider yet want to be able air it out once and awhile. Reliability and ease of maintenance are key. My ultimate bike would be a new WR250F yet it's not green sticker eligible and they are really starting to crack down on new bikes (This law is a joke). I figure my options are:
A) used/older two stroke with a green sticker- WR 250, KDX 200 or 220, KTM enduro
B) a new four stroke - KLX 300, XR 400, DRZ 400

Any thoughts? Thanks.

P.S. I going to look at a 97 kdx 220 with nice extras


Apr 1, 2001
My '96 360EXC (KTM) is Green stickered, it's light, it's fast, and it's a tractor when I need low end! 3.2 gallons of pre-mix, 18" rear wheel, wide-ratio trans, aluminum bars- not much to add to a stock KTM; handguards and a skidplate, and you're ready.
Picture an xr650 with a nitrous switch and 60 lbs. shaved off and you can relate to how the KTM 300/360/380 feels!:D

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