Jul 9, 2007
Hello everyone.
I was just wondering what is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke???????? Because I am planing on getting a bike but I need to know the difference between the two to see what type is better for me.
Jul 9, 2007
flyingfuzzball said:
4 strokes are easier to learn on.

go with a thumper

The only thing is, that I think that this first bike that I get will be the only one for awhile...like a really really long while. I am only 15 and I have to pay for it myself. I will learn no matter what, it might be alittle harder to learn on a 2 stroke, but I will learn.


May 10, 2007
On a limited budget a 2 stroke is generally the way to go(if looking at mx bikes). The initial purchase is less expensive as well as maintenance. They are also much simpler engines to work on if you do it yourself, or cheaper if you pay someone. Try using this as a guide and we can better help pinpoint a bike for you...... http://dirtrider.net/forums3/showthread.php?t=108916

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