What rider weight is the CRF450 setup for stock?


Jun 21, 2000
Just curious what rider weight the 450 is setup for stock. I have always been a little heavy for the stock yzf 250 suspension.. I may move up to a 450 this year.

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Aug 6, 2001
i did some research at race tech and they say its set up for a 220lb rider but my owners manual say 150 to 160. i have a 04 crf and i weigh 217lbs no gear and i run my clickers at the softest setting. so i think race tech i right.


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Jan 17, 2000
:scream: I am 205 w/o gear and my 03 was WAY soft in the middle. Too easy to bottom out and if I turned the compression up it would get too harsh at the top of the stroke and I would still bottom it out. It lacked mid-valve resistance.

IMO both the manual and RT are right. The Top of the stroke is set for a 220lb rider but the middle and bottom 1/3 are week probably perfct for a 160-180lb rider.

I had my suspension on the 04 done by MX-Tech to curb the problem this year. :yeehaw:

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