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Mar 7, 2001
im 13 5'7 157 and want to buy a kdx200 one of my friends friends is selling a 89 kdx 200 i havent seen it and want to buy one .it is a fave model around where i live sowhat should i do spend 1000 on the 89 or buy 95 or above will the 89 take a fmf desert pipe i would like the info oh and the kid is real fat and he just got the whole rear end redone supposedly it startsright up. thanx


Mar 21, 2000
If you can get the '89 for a grand and it is in good shape I would do that. The '95+ is a better bike but, will most likely cost you more $$$ So, if you have the buget for it, go with a '95+ but, if a grand or so is your limit and the bike is in good shape go with the '89.

I have to assume that the FMF pipe you are talking about was made for a KDX of that year so the answer would likey be yes.

You might want to checkout Canadian Dave's website ( http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/ ) especially the page on 89-94 pipe mods.

joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
i guess i never thought how a bike looked makes any diffrance on how it performs but i guess if you can look good and perform well too i guess thats a plus, those new cannondales sure look funky but i can assure you the really run well!!!:eek: did i just say that?


May 11, 2000
the 89 will make a good biginner bike to learn on
that way when you crash you dont feel so bad
about the condition of the bike


Do the impossible its fun
Jul 16, 2000
In my opinion, if that '89 is going to be sold for a grand, it better be really sweat (stock rubber still on it, less than 100 original miles, not a stripped bolt on it, so on). I don't know about your area, but here you can get a 95, 96 for very very close to that price, in good shape, and not stripped of all the accessories the former owner might have put on it. Even though he might be your bud, check around for some other KDX's. I also think you would be happier with at least a 95 or up. And I can almost bet you, you could find those years very close to his price. Remember that bike is 12 years old! You can still buy the parts, but the dealers are getting more scarse because of the year it is. Take this as far as you would like, but this is my opinion.:cool:
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