what you think about seal savers?


hey guys,
i was just wondering what you think about seal saver and such. i just got my forks rebuilt and i was wondering if you those "skin" would be a waste of money or not. i have a paioli conventional fork on my 99 cr250.

let me know

dirt bike dave

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I think they do help keep grit away from the seals.

There are a couple of other things you can do to help prevent a leaky seal.

On your forks, there is a dust seal above the oil seal. Underneath the dust seal, you can pack a bit of grease around the fork tube. This will help trap some particles of sand. The manual for the Paoili forks talks about this.

Also, on the oil seal, there is wire spring that wraps around the top of the seal. It is shaped like an 'O'. The spring has a male and female end that join together, with the male end screwing into the female end. Unscrew the two, then trim a short peice from the female end. This will make the spring shorter and therefore tighter when you put it back on the seal. Hopefully, the tighter spring will keep the dirt out and the oil in. The downside is the fork may have more stiction (resistance to movement), but you probably won't notice that.

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well i sent it to Factory connection in LA and it cost me a total of $290 with tax and shipping.

what impressed me the most is that they did it in only one day. i posted on another thread that i sent my forks on tuesday, got there wednesday, got them back on friday. true i'm only 4 hours away driving but still pretty fast job.