Where or what is the best place to get gear/parts?


Mar 21, 2001
Okay...I'm looking for a new helmet, and some other stuff (skid plate, fenders etc.).
Where is the best internet/Catalog place to buy from?
Im looking for factors like...shipping costs, customer service, product quality, and selection.
I live in Washington State. I hate getting ripped off, as I'm sure most of the rest of you do as well.
Dealers around my neck of the woods (actually there arent much trees here for many miles) are mostly into the markup thing, which is fine, but too much markup sucks to us poor folks. Agreed?
I'm thinking Chaparral but theres others out there, I just haven't heard of them yet.
Thanks for your ideas and help
Travis Rydberg

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Oct 1, 2000
I would definatly recommend Dennis Kirk. I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from them. Ground shipping is free, and your parts are shipped the same day you order them. Parts are usualy packed in a box with those little styrophome peices. They also have pretty good prices. Go to http://www.denniskirk.com


Oct 9, 2000
Dennis kirk is good for service, but very expensive IMO. I use whoever has the lowest prices. Go into a dirt rider mag or a dirt bike mag and go to the web sites of all the advertisers. I have gotten steals on stuff from there. For example, N-style graphics and seat cover for 30 dollars and renthal twinwall bars for 80 dollars. Shop around and you will be rewarded. Ebay is also a good source if you check it alot.


Sep 22, 2000
First, order a Chaparral Catalog, they're free online. It's a huge catalog with a great selection. I order most of my stuff from www.btosports.com
I always get my order within a few days and he can usually answer some questions about the products. Bto sports doesn't have much of an online sight, I just call them to order. I've probably had about ten orders through them and they always arrive on time.


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Dec 26, 1999
You will also be seeing reviews of gear in the very near future here which may give you ideas on other brands. :D


Dec 3, 2000
I have ordered through a number of mail order places, including Chaparrel and Dennis Kirk. The best place that I have done business with is RockyMountainATV/Motorcycle. They have:

1) A good selection
2) Often the lowest price when you consider shipping charges
3) They will tell you at the time of the order a realistic date when out of stock items will be in stock
4) Excellent customer service :)

Check them out at www.rockymountainatv.com

Eric K
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Joe Turner

Jan 1, 2001
After seeing all the praise for MX South out here I decided to try them out a few times. Ive never felt more appreciated as a customer. Its strange to have a company treat you like it really is there pleasure to help you. Im a customer for life.


Jun 8, 2001

If you know hwat you want, online is the way to go. I like going to stores and trying stuf fon personally, but I usually order online after i shop around. I bought a helmet at motorcyclesuperstore.com. I was happy with the service! They were easy to deal with and I got my helmet very quickly! I hav eno complaints with them. You can also try the others suggested above! I am just partial to moorcyclesuperstore because I had such a good experience with my helmet purchase.

I highly reccomend going through as many online sites as you can to check out prices, they can vary widely!

Bob Tiley

Aug 7, 2001
For Helmets Belden Motorsports has some great specials on Bieffe X-Tech Helmets ($69, I bought one and am very pleased with it) and FLY Chest protectors ($65). www.beldenmotorsports.com and click on Motorcycle Apparrel on E-bay to see the list. It's on E-bay but not an Auction, it's an online store.

Hi-per Sports usually has good pricing also see www.hi-persports.coas well as MX south
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