Jun 18, 2001
My bike (88 RM250) was stolen last week and I am in the market for a new bike. One of the bikes ive come across is a 96 Husky WXE250. I do mostly trail riding and race hare scrambles, not much motocross. Do you guys like these bikes? Any specific grips or likes with yours? What is one in good condition worth. This one is listed at $2000. My friend had a 96 Husky 360 and he always complained that it "Did'nt turn for ****"? Is this also true of the 250's?

Thanks alot
:p Ty :p


Aug 13, 2000
Tis true that it wont turn like a CR. However you will be able to tweek it to turn well enough by setting the sag properly and fork ride height. I ride a 94 360WXE. It has the same close ratio six speed trans which is very sweet. I find the bike would be able to turn like a cr if I could get forward on it. The tank is in the way.

I would guess that the bike is worth less than 2K as mine was worth $1,600 2 years ago.

The 250 was a little weak in the HP dept, That can be addressed by pipe and silencer changes. In addition porting will help too.

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