Sep 11, 2001
I am 5'9 and 130lbs and ride a 125. I have an extreamly hard time getting through whoops, I can't stay on top, I can't wheelie them, I get kicked and througn every way possible and then slamed to the ground. Every one I ride with tells me i'm not squeezing with my knees enough but i'm tryin as hard as I can. What am I doing wrong besides everything.

Thanks for any imput.


High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
Personally, I don't squeeze the bike with my knees in the whoops. I find it better to let the bike move around under me rather than fight it for control.


Jan 1, 2001
I know the whoops are hard, but they can be done. I do just what HLG said. Don’t fight the bike, I pull up on the bars when going through the whoops and try and keep the front wheel straight. I think it works; I can blast through the whoops on my ’95 XR250R faster then about 1/3rd of the guys at my local (Highlands MX) track. Just let the bike flow under you, and try never to let your foot/feet come off the pegs!!!

Just my thoughts.

Lee Wilson


Jan 5, 2001
My problem is that when i hit them going fast i might double or triple the the first 2 or 3, then i get bogged down by the rest to about 15 miles an hour so i gotta downshift from 4th to 2nd on the exit, i passed a guy on the whoops because he was afraid of them or whatever, but im convinced i could carry more speed through them and save 4 seconds a lap. How do i stay on top or double through?


Sep 5, 1999
It's better to stay in the gear that you started in and fan the clutch to get
the RPM's back up if you have to, also stay on the throttle and dont let
off any amount. Like they say practice, practice, practice!
Somthing that helped me is keeping in mind that you want to be going
faster comming out of the whoops than going in. We have Enduro races
and sometines have to ride on 2 foot whoops for miles and you get use to it.
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