Dec 11, 1999
I had them labeled but it didnt hold up now im a little confused. There are 4 wires that connect to the ignition coil. One from the kill switch,headlight,taillight,and cdi unit. The headlight and taillight are not on. The ignition coil has a post on top and bottom. the bottom i assume is ground. What i cant figure is which wires goes on top and which go on bottom? the wire diagram in manual just shows 4 wires connecting to ignition coil. It doesnt show which ones go on top and bottom. I cant get any spark so im sure there crossed somehow. Anyone know what goes where?

KDX 250 1993


Jan 27, 2001
Different diagrams

I don't know if this will help you, but here's the wiring diagram for a 89-94 kdx200. I don't see why there would be any differences in the wiring on the bikes.

Hope you get it going!


Oct 14, 1999
Tamean's wiring diagram looks pretty much like mine ('00 200).

I'm kinda under the weather this morning, but I'm confused, too.

You mention 4 wires to the 'ignition coil'. Although the 250 may indeed be different, I don't know why there would be 4 wires there at all. Which makes me wonder if by 'ignition coil' you are referring to the magneto? Under the LH cover? There are two coils in there, one for lights, one for spark.

There should only be two wire connections to the ignition coil, the third going to the plug. This IS a CDI unit, isn't it? That's where the kill switch wiring would go (as the diagram indicates)
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