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Jan 25, 2000
I decided to check out day 2 of the Vet nationals at Glen Helen (my foot is a bit hobbled, so I couldn’t ride anywhere).

A nice battle developed in the +30 pro class between Hughes, Dubach and Casey Johnson, with Hughes taking second and Dubach third overall for the weekend when the battle was done. There was a lot of back and forth battling between this trio.

Decoster and Robert were there (along with other notables) for an intermission presentation. These guys were telling a few old stories, but Robert was a bit hard to understand at times. Decoster is the better story teller and Robert is the better story maker. During the presentation, they brought a couple of Terry Goode’s pristine bikes to the podium. When the wind picked up, the CZ blew over (I hope the paint wasn’t scratched).

I also searched out 74 year old Zoli Berenyi after the second moto. The last I heard or seen of this guy was back in the seventies, when he and his son dominated the Alberta motocross scene. A former Canadian champ and multi time World Vet champ in the +50, +60 and now +70 classes, this rider has slowed a little when the track gets rough, but he still hauls on the smooth sections. He out paced his rival (Feets Minert) by about a third of a lap, doing the same thing he did 30 years ago – making it all look way too easy. When he returned the pits after the second moto, he jumped directly to his mountain bike and was pedaling off before I stopped him and reminisced about the seventies (he didn’t remember me). He mentioned that he sold his motorcycle shop about 10 years ago. A true moto fanatic and a relatively unsung hero.

A day well spent, I think….
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Apr 14, 2002
Cool. I'm waiting for more Motocross Files to be on tv.

I love reading about the past generations of mx and offroad riders.

I remember watching a race on tv a while back and Ricky Johnson was in the booth and they were talking about John Dowd and Ricky mentioned that they were about the same age. I knew he had to retire early because of the wrist but you tend to lose track of how young the average rider is when they retire from full time competition.

I'm glad that we have the Vet Nationals and things like it so we have the opportunity to see them again. Maybe going a little slower but they never seem to lose their style on a bike.
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