XR100 ignition conversion?


I am interested in converting my '87 XR100 from points to electronic ignition and was wondering if anyone knows if the newer XR ignition parts will fit and which components are required for the switch? I've seen the aftermarket setup that Powroll sells, but $579 is a little steep. Thanks.


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Why bother? I flattrack and grasstrack race my '82 XR100 and run stock ignition. It runs as well as the 2001s! If you highly modify the motor it may be worth it as the points won't rev as high as the CDI.

I put new points in mine 3yrs ago and have never touched it!


It can be done but you need the whole stator, the flywheel, the trigger coil and the coil under the tank. I dont think it is worth doing it as points are pretty reliable and its a big expense on a cheap bike unless you want to race big time

Jon K.

ACS; what are you going to bolt the trigger coil to? I believe that they bolt to the crankcase?
Point work fine until the chain jumps off and pokes a hole in the side cover. Then all the mud and dirt gets in the mag and eats away at everything!
On the other hand, when the chain jumps off on the CDI models, it immediately kills the trigger! Mangles it beyond recognition!


Im going from memory on this but I worked out that you can bolt the trigger coil in the same place. It needs to be very carefully drilled and tapped. The changes between the early case and later case seem to be minimal. I looked at doing it on an 2000 XR80 when I was going to swap to a hot 1986 XR100 engine. I ran out of time and just ran points in the end. Bike was a rocket with the CDI 95cc and more so with the points 110cc. Points are reliable enough. My old 81 runs sweet with them to.