Jun 28, 2001
I absolutely hate the way the fender looks. It's long, wide, and flimsy. It also bugs me how the fender is so close to the tire. Does anyone know of some other fenders that would work on a '99 XR200R? (preferably shorter, narrower, not flimsy, and not so low to the tire ;))

I appreciate any help, thanks.


Aug 5, 2001
You can get a universal front fender. I think Acerbis or Maier makes them. But you have to drill your own mounting holes etc. I would guess it would look worse and be more flimsy than the one you have. As for being close to the tire, Honda chopped the suspension after '88 or '89 I think. Unfortunately, I don't think you can do much to it. I wouldn't mess with the front fender either, the one you have on their is the best fitting you will ever get, assuming it's stock. Put an XR's Only Competition exhaust on, rejet (per XR's Only recommendation), and put a 48 tooth rear sprocket on. She won't win any speed records, but she will be crisp on the throttle and she will be able to climb mountains and uproot small stumps. By the way, keep those valves and cam chain adjusted properly, change your oil (Honda GN4) every 3 or 4 rides, and keep the air filter clean. Good luck, and keep on thumpin'!


Jun 16, 1999
The XR200 fender is the same fender they used on the older 250's, 350's and the 600. Thats why it looks kinda huge. I'd try an XR400 fender, as they are a little narrower. And Snaggle is right--its not the fender's fault that its so close to the tire, its due to short suspension travel.


Feb 27, 2000
Just buy a UFO or Acerbis fender for a CR in white. I put one on my wife's 96 XR200. It looks way better. I can't remember for sure but I think it bolted right up. Or no big deal to drill new holes.

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