XR200R Model Changes


Could one of you motoheads tell me when the model changes took place on the XR200R? I need to replace a fuel tank on my son's 87' XR200R, and need to know what model years would work on it. Much appreciated.


Baked Spud
Let's see… XR200 first year out was 1980. It stayed the same through 1984. However, the XR200R came out in 1981, sporting Pro-Link suspension. The "R" remained unchanged through 1983. The 1984 XR200R had the all new RFVC engine, twin head pipes, and dual carbs. 1985 200R same as 1984. From 1986 to present, the 200R returned to a two valve head and single carb. Of course the plastic turned red in 2000.


'86-'88 XR200R according to my service manual are the same. these had adjustable rear suspension and slightly larger ergos , which changed in the following model yrs. to become a smaller, more playbike oriented beginner bike. the '86 - '88 was intended to compete with the KDX200.