Aug 5, 2005
I just got a new 2005 YZ 125 two months ago and I had it setting outside while I was letting it worm up and it feel of the stand and hit this metal flower pot which bent the left radiater about an inch in which bent the plastic up in a bad looking position but besides that what should i do? should i run it like that because the radiater isnt leaking or anything.


Dec 12, 2004
What is bent in an inch, the side of the radiator and cooling fins or just the mounting tabs? If it's just the mounting tabs you may be able to realign the radiator by just pulling it back into place.

If its the cooling fins, I'd be worried that the inside cores may be damaged, which would affect the circulation of coolant through the radiator. If the coolant can't be cooled effectively, you run the risk of seizing the motor. For safety sake and peace of mind, I would replace the damaged radiator. Just my $.02 worth.
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Feb 9, 2005
After you do the repairs, if needed... invest in radiator braces (the BEHIND ones allow better cooling). About $60... Works Connection, Zip Ty...? Money well spent, but won't fit if you're running an aftermarket over-sized tank.
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