Oct 7, 1999
Jer and others: I read the old posts about the Marazochi 45's not being the greatest, and needing to be anodized. Since I'm looking at a '00 ec300 that I'm pretty certain has the Zokes, I have a follow up question -- if anodized, and then sent to you, Jer, would they then be good forks? Or are they fundamentally flawed? How much, btw, for anodizing and revalve?

Also -- any follow up comments on the Zokes v. WP's would be appreciated.



Jun 6, 2000
They can be set up to work very well, especially in slow to moderate speed rocky, technical terrain. A local rider has a '99 EC300 with WER valved Zokes and its a couch in the rocks. My WER valved WP 43s by comparison are also plush, but give slightly more feedback over the smaller stuff, don't deflect, and handle the bigger, faster surprise hits better than the Zokes. Some of this probably has to do with the increased ridgidity of the inverted fork.

Another option is the C-Cycle cartridge kit that replaces the Zoke internals with a modified Kayaba cartridge. This is said to be the ultimate Zoke mod, but its pricey.

'00 GasGas XC250


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