May 29, 2007
Hi, i was wondering if there are any major flaws with this bike because ive been looking at them and there is one for $2,400(brand new). Its a great deal but i wasnt really sure if its a great bike.

Jan 3, 2007
mjs4878, i like the bike because it offers a nice seat hight for a younger person that is not ready for a 125 and is just a bit cramped on a 85. The bike also makes great bottom end power for a 2 stroke mini and the power band hit is not as hard as a YZ, or CR 85. I have onloy heard of the topend going once or so a year (common with most 2 strokes), and other than ushally wear and tear (sprokets, chain, grips, tires, ect.) they are great littile but not too little bikes.

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